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The spirit of biodynamics

The future quality of a wine starts in the field.

Domaine Berthelemot is committed to this method of winegrowing and environmental conservation.

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The vine

The average age of the vines in the domain is high and the older plots consist in visually selected plants with a low yield; to perpetuate this heritage and preserve the genetic diversity, vine plants are replaced at regular intervals.

Pruning of the vine according to the size of the branches and the state of each vine plant is undertaken in Winter: this, and the growth potential of the vine, will determine the anticipated yield; we prune with respect to the flows of sap in order to promote the sustainability of the stocks and to limit the diseases of the wood. It is to the best advantage of the vine when pruning is carried out during the period when the moon wanes.

This work in the field is completed in Spring by debudding, leaving only sufficient buds to adapt the grape growth to a reasonable level of production;   following tasks involve tying up or down the canes so that the buds are well aligned with the trellising and to prevent the vegetation from becoming too dense.

In most plots, leaves are thinned out to give space for the grape clusters and thus ensuring the best sanitary conditions.

Following the principles of organic agriculture, the soil is mechanically ploughed to facilitate microbian action and allow the vine roots to develop as deep down as possible from where the characteristics of the plot are derived.

The basis for organic cultivation is the health of the vine: only sulphur and copper are used but in limited quantities, strictly adapted after careful scrutiny of the weather conditions and the risk level of fungus growth.

In order to develop the life of the soil and to improve the vegetative vigor, substances 500 and 501 compatible with biodynamics are used, mixed with rainwater.

The maturing process of the grapes is frequently monitored and the grapes tasted from which assessments the harvest time and yield can be forecasted.

Grapes are manually picked and pre-sorted and because most of the pickers are glad to return to our domain each year, they are conscientious in their work of selecting and picking.

The harvested grapes are transported without delay to the vathouse in crates of 15 or 30 kg then emptied onto a sortation table to ensure that only grapes in good condition and ripe are vinified.

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