a family wine estate

A family wine estate

The Domain celebrates its 15th birthday in 2022.

For the connoisseur the wines are pure magic!

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Winemaking is a precise art - healthy vines, however old , will always express their worth.

To care for the vine and the land is of prime importance and for this reason today, it is essential to analyse and take into consideration the condition of the soil in order to cultivate healthy vines. To this end, our principle being to reduce as far as possible all phytosanitary treatment in the field, we are certified "High Environmental Value" and the wines of the 2021 vintage will be certified organic.

Major factors to arm the vine  against insects and ensure the must during vinification can be well stabilized, are the use of natural, biodynamic substances in the field and consideration for the effects of the moon. During the winemaking process, our concern is to ensure that the particular characteristics of the plot and the year are truly reflected in the wine: our wines must be seductive and our greatest reward is to see our customers appreciate them.

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