Our Pommard "strongly recommanded" in "Revue des Vins de France"

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Pommard, a village sanctified by its different plots or climats ; an attractive wine for its complexity and potential for ageing.

The finest villages in Burgundy are the birthplaces of unique wines of high quality or from plots with particular characteristics which the winegrower upholds ; often these wines are complex in structure and ideal for laying down.

We strongly recommend the appellation « Noizons » produced by Domaine Berthelemot.

Domaine Berthelemot marked 15.5/20 « Noizons »

On the nose the aroma is distinguished by the processing of full grape clusters in the first winemaking stage. In the mouth, the wine is full-bodied and engaging with depth and fruity notes but a certain tightness on opening is compensated by the delicate richness of the fruit.

A great choice ! 26 euros.

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