Among the 50 "Best in show" wines out of 18000!

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"The magnificent, carousel-like sweep of the hill of Corton - almost 100 m top to bottom, and revelling in every exposition save north - means that exact location on the hill is critical for quality. The white wines of Corton-Charlemagne come overwhelmingly from south-west- and west-facing vineyards, coolly exposed, so often these are among the least articulate of all Burgundy's great white Grands Crus in their youth. Not, though, in the case of this wine from the generous 2022 vintage. It's promisingly pale, but already compelling on the nose, with subtle oak, wild hawthorne blossom and refined grape and cool citrus. It has all the controlled breadth you'd expect on the palate with more white blossom and subtle, vinous, breath-freshening fruits. The finish is long and lingering, mingling ripe, fruit-bonded acidity with a quiet pulse of ripeness. It will, of course, be better after a decade in a cool cellar, but there's nothing to stop you enjoying the wine soon, either."

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